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bride and groom celebrating

I will say it time and time again - good portraits go far beyond the ability to take them. I truly believe that the art is in finding the story to tell. 

I want to know how you and your partner met, the moment you knew you were falling in love, what makes your world spin and why you are better together

I strive to be a familiar face when I show up the morning of your wedding and a new family member saying goodbye at the end of the night. 

Amber Rae Photography monogram

When you hire me to document your wedding - it may feel like another checkbox you get to mark off. But it is so much more. It is your passport to relive the tenderness of your partners' spontaneous forehead kiss, the emotions that overflowed when you were announced into the reception and the roar of your guests, or the applause that rolled through the room when your friends busted out their moves on the dance floor.

I am not here to lie, wedding days are a whirlwind of emotions and the time moves at record speed it seems... But with me there on your wedding day, you'll get visual story of all the moments, seen and unseen, to revisit.


I’m here to make you and your guests feel comfortable, to document the day as it unfolds in front of us. I do so in a manner that allows you to enjoy the entirety of your day and be more present

for the moments that matter most

bride and groom sneaking a kiss
bride and groom on boat
bride and groom on bridge

You have made it to this point of the website. You like what you are reading and the style shown in the photos. I want to tell you about how I do what I do. 

My portfolio is heavily based on movement. While the pictures you are seeing look like a simple pose, i promise you with every being of my body there was so movement happening. And here is why...

You put me in front of the camera and I act like I haven't existed in this world for more than a few moments. I panic and all sense of being escapes. So I have adopted an approach to talking to my clients through poses by guiding their movement. 

It takes the forced, static pose into a fluid moment in time. So much so that you forget that we are taking pictures and you get lost in the moment and just have fun. That is my goal in each and every session. the only consistent thing from session to session is the movement. 

of course on your wedding day there is absolutely a time and place for formal portraits to occur. But our goal is to document the day as it unfolds - no static prom poses here! 

So if dancing through a field or skipping across the crosswalk downtown sound much better than awkward, unguided photos - i am your gal.

run like you haven't seen each other in months
yellowstone themed engagement session
bride and groom snuggled
couple running through field
boy and girl swing each other around

okay, so we vibe well on style and approach..
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8   H O U R S   C O V E R A G E

O N L I N E   G A L L E R Y

P R I N T   R E L E A S E

D I G I T A L   D O W N L O A D S


10   H O U R S   C O V E R A G E

O N L I N E   G A L L E R Y

D I G I T A L   D O W N L O A D S

P R I N T   R E L E A S E

W A L L   P R I N T


6   H O U R S   C O V E R A G E

O N L I N E   G A L L E R Y

P R I N T   R E L E A S E

D I G I T A L   D O W N L O A D S

*custom elopement packages available on inquiry*
bride partying at reception

so your ready to get the party started!
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bridal party tossing bride groom
"Amber was wonderful to work with! Getting married during these times was extremely stressful.. We had dinner with Amber and instantly knew she was a great choice. During our wedding day she was laid back and very professional. She made sure to capture all of the amazing moments throughout the day. She was guiding our poses in a natural, elegant way that made taking pictures so much fun! I cannot thank her enough for all of the magic she captured on our perfect day! I would 10/10 recommend Amber for any photo needs!"
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