Hey There!

I am Amber. *Insert awkward elbow/fist bump here* I have a passion for creating and with my camera in hand, I feel safe to do just that. Regardless of the  type of session you book with me, I want you to feel all the feels when you leave and when you reflect back on your session. 

I guess this is where I am supposed to tell you how much I love nachos and all things cheese. Or how I am mama to an amazing little boy that challenges me daily. Or maybe you would even like to know that I fell in love with my high school sweetheart and have been together for well over a decade now. 

Boudoir is my jam but I love all other types of photography as well. I set out on a mission to help women love the body they have right now and it has made my cup overflow. My clients become friends and drive my passion for this genre of photography. 

I want to capture you and your life right now as it is. I want you to feel the feelings you felt on the day of your session, when you look at the portraits years down the road. I want you to feel the goosebumps you had as you looked your groom in the face as you walked down the aisle. I want you to feel the brand new days of parenting a newborn when you revisit the portraits on the babies first birthday. I want you to cherish your family portraits as your family continues to grow and develop daily. I want to capture you, as you are, now.