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well, hey there. 
nice to meet you

So glad you made it to my corner of the internet. When it comes down to it, I am honestly a simple human. It really does not take much to make my world turn. 


I live on a farm and have the sweetest little boy, Caden. I am married to my high school sweetheart, so yes - i love love. And shamelessly crappy reality TV love shows.


I am likely the furthest thing from a morning person, yet I wake up every morning to hustle out to the barn for morning chores. I share my home with dogs, horses, chickens and goats - I am very much in my homestead girl era.  

Traveling makes my heart and soul thrive. And when starting my photography business it was a goal to travel the world and document love stories all over. While that goal got placed on hold when we had a once in a life time opportunity to adopt our little man - it is still very much on my heart. 

If we have any encounter - chances are I will tell you how anywhere with snowcapped mountains is my home and my happy place. But Colorado is the bees knees.


until next time,



colorado pikes peak
southern colorado lake
utah mountain range
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