I cannot say enough good things! As someone who is usually reserved and very self conscious, I was a little nervous about the session. As soon as I got to the studio and got changed, I instantly felt comfortable and relaxed. She really made me feel confident and comfortable. I left the studio feeling great and had a virtual meeting with her to pick out the photos for my album. She took her time to go through 100 photos with me and help me narrow them down to just 15. I usually hate or find something wrong with any photos of me, but I legitimately had a hard time narrowing the photos down! After speaking with her and going through the photos, It made me feel really self confident. I’ve struggled with my body image all of my life but can honestly say that after doing the session and looking through the pictures, I’m starting to love my body and am so happy I did this experience! Can’t wait to give this to my fiancé the night before our wedding! Thank you Amber!!



I can't recommend Amber enough!! I had SO MUCH FUN during my shoot. Amber made me feel incredibly sexy and beautiful all at the same time. Amber is so easy to work with and if you are on the fence at all take the jump and do the shoot! Amber walked me through each and every step from how to pose to how style my wardrobe. I will absolutely use Amber again and I can't recommend her enough! Boudoir can be really scary but Amber will help you with every step and she will make you feel beautiful in the body that you have!



Amber made me feel perfectly at ease during my session, offering words of encouragement and making me feel like the gorgeous woman I am. It was such a fun opportunity to celebrate me. It helped me find the sexy self that’s been hiding all along. I have my insecurities, but Amber treated like a model and helped me embrace my beauty and sexiness. Once I saw this stunning picture, I was blown away by how gorgeous I really am (mind my ego). Those images will forever remind me of that and in times I need to rediscover my self-confidence. Don’t be scared to get in front of the camera. Amber was empowering during the whole session and walked me through every pose. Strut your stuff and book a session!